solar systems

A solar electric system can lower your household electricity bills, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the value of your home.

Go solar, and start enjoying the freedom and benefits of generating your own electricity!

We design; we install

We have designed and installed more than 1,000 residential solar electric systems. We do most of our work in Western and Central Oregon.

Durable, quality work

We design and build our systems to last 25 years and beyond. We use only high-quality components, most of which are warrantied for at least that long.

Lowering the initial cost

The solar systems we install are normally eligible for a federal investment tax credit of 30%. We also work with the Oregon Department of Energy and local utilities to secure any available rebates on your behalf. Learn more about incentives available for solar and battery storage systems.

Off-grid or ‘grid-tied’?

Most of the residential systems we install are “grid-tied” and “net-metered.” That means your solar panels are tied into your electric utility’s power grid. Excess power that the panels generate is fed onto the grid, and if your current power use is more than the panels are generating, your home will simple draw any extra power it needs from the grid.

But because you will be drawing much less power from the grid, you power bills will go down.

We also have designed and installed many off-grid systems. These are independent of any utility and are not tied into the electricity grid. These types of installations are more common in rural areas, and require a battery storage system, which can store power when the panels are generating more than is being used.

Those interested in off-grid systems usually desire greater independence and may have concerns about the reliability of their utility. For example, in recent years, we have installed systems where there are concerns of rolling blackouts or power shutdowns during certain weather conditions in wildfire season, when there is a concern a downed line could spark a fire.

Get started with a free assessment

Part of our job is to help you understand the types of systems that will best suit your needs and your location, as well as the financial and permitting details involved.

Get in touch for free consultation. As part of that, we will come to your home and assess the following:

  • What are your current energy needs?
  • Can we help you save money through energy efficiency?
  • Do you have roof-space for a panel array with good Southern exposure and minimal shade?
  • Is the roof and truss or rafter system able to accommodate the weight of a solar array?
  • If rooftop placement is not workable, we can determine if you have appropriate space for a ground-mounted array of panels.
  • We can help you understand which tax credits and utility incentives are available to you. These vary depending on where you live, and can be confusing. We will make sure you have accurate information.
  • Finally, we will give you a bid for the initial cost of the project, as well as an estimate for how long it would take for your power bill savings to offset that upfront cost (return on investment).

I am pleased to give Energy Design my highest recommendation. I interviewed representatives from three solar companies prior to selecting Energy Design and was most impressed by the years working in solar energy and the knowledge about placement for the solar arrays.

— Hall Residence, Eugene, Oregon