Outages happen.
Be prepared.

Energy storage systems can be worth their weight in gold during a power outage at a residential or small-commercial property.

Why have a backup?

Battery storage systems can keep power flowing so that essential electrical items such as a well pump or a food freezer can keep running, even if there is a power outage.

We design & install your system

We have designed and installed many energy and battery backup systems in conjunction with grid-tied solar systems. During times of low power-use, the solar panels charge the batteries. When there is a power outage, the backup system switches on instantly.

Being prepared

Many of our customers, especially those in rural areas, want to be prepared in case of an emergency loss of power from the grid — for example during a “red flag” event when wildfire is a threat and utilities are forced to shut off power.

We have done solar panels on two houses and a barn, and now I have a battery backup in the barn. I couldn’t be more proud to have your equipment in my barn or have Energy Design a part of this farm. Your crew did an outstanding job!

— Holly