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We will give you answers to a number of important questions, so you can make good decisions about your project.

  • What are your current energy needs?
  • Does your building and electrical system meet current code?
  • Where can you save money through energy efficiency?
  • Is there good southern or western exposure with minimal shading?
  • Can the existing roof structure support the weight of a solar array?
  • Is there land available for a ground-mounted array?
  • Would an existing outbuilding be a better location for the solar panels?
  • What will the initial cost of the solar project be?
  • What tax credits and utility incentives are available to you?
  • How long would it take to earn back your investment from electric bill savings?

This is the second job Vince and his crew have done with us, including the 28kW array at United Methodist Church of Eugene. We keep recommending Energy Design to everyone we meet!

— Pitney Residence, McMinnville, Oregon