We are your locally owned, locally operated solar contractor, making a difference in Oregon for two decades.

We were founded in 2004 on the idea that helping homeowners and business owners install renewable, sustainable solar energy systems provides long-term benefit to our community and the planet.

We believe in some simple, timeless values: hard work, pride in workmanship, building things to last. At the same time, we are driven by new ideas: to reduce our collective impact on the planet and to implement new technologies that can help solve some of our world’s big problems.

Construction Contractor Board (CCB) #161672

Meet our team

Vince McClellan

President, System Design, LRT, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional

Vince is a NABCEP Certified Installation Professional and has spent his life learning and perfecting his skills as a solar electric designer and installer. Vince has over 40 years of experience specifically in photovoltaics, and is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in solar electric design and construction in the Pacific Northwest. Vince started his training as an electrician and began installing systems in 1982 on the Hawaiian Islands.  Since then, he has installed numerous systems in Hawaii, California, and Oregon.

As an employer and instructor, Vince has trained hundreds of solar & electrical professionals. At Lane Community College Vince taught for four years for the Renewable Energy Associate of Applied Science Program, and has taught numerous other workshops and classes throughout his career.  Vince is a licensed solar electric contractor in Oregon.

Jeremiah Chavez


Jeremiah has spent over 25 years in the construction field, 19 of which dedicated to designing & implementing photovoltaic projects.  Jeremiah has a degree as a Renewable Energy Technician from Lane Community College, and is entry level NABCEP certified.

Debra Bolman

Office Manager

Deb has a background in engineering, architecture and alternative energy, with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science. She has worked in the solar and electrical contracting field since 2011. Before that she spent 20 years as a software developer and data analyst. She is a daily bike commuter.

Jonah Whitten

Lead System Designer, PV & ESS Integration Specialist, Licensed Limited Renewable Technician (LRT)

Jonah is certified to install a multitude of battery systems including Fortress Power, Sol-Ark inverter systems, Sonnen, SolarEdge, and more. He has designed and built residential and commercial photovoltaic systems using just about every major inverter manufacturer. Jonah is our lead system designer, thanks to his extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code and building structures.

Hana Schandelmeier-Lynch

Project Coordinator

Hana has a background in community wellness, research and solar. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Globalism, Environment, and Policy. She is passionate about fostering sustainable growth and facilitating support for solar solutions. She helps to keep our projects on track and organized.

Paul Mulhern

Project Manager, Licensed Limited Renewable Technician (LRT)

Paul has a decade in the field working in both Oregon & Texas. He brings an incredible array of background and knowledge to our installations while managing training of our apprentices as well.

John Loomis

Limited Renewable Technician (LRT) Apprentice

John is our battery system guru-in-training (not sure if we are training him or vice versa!). John brings an extensive knowledge of electronics and off-grid living to the table as he acquires hours and experience in the field of photovoltaics.

Tyler Arana

Limited Renewable Technician (LRT) Apprentice

Tyler is our go to for knowing the nuts and bolts & the IT end of every installation. He also takes excellent photos of his work upon system completion, featured throughout our website.

You are blessed with an outstanding and knowledgeable crew. They are dedicated employees that care about a job well done and meeting a customer’s needs.

— Holly