Solar Repair Services

The Energy Design team includes multiple licensed renewable technicians and apprentices trained/training to work with net metered and battery based systems installed during the past 2 decades.  This includes inverters manufactured by SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge, PV Powered, Aurora, Sunpower, Enphase, Outback, Schneider, Sol-Ark etc.

If your system was installed by our team and currently out of warranty, or if your system was installed by a party no longer operating locally, we can help.

Our current (9/13/22) service rates are $120/hr + travel fee for a licensed renewable technician and $60/hr+ travel fee for a general service technician.

You will be billed after completion of the fix at your site via emailed invoice.

Often a simple fix and power-cycling your inverter will get it up and running again.  That’s the beauty of solar electric systems!

Please note that if you are having a general AC electrical issue, Energy Design recommends contacting a local electrician to assist you.  Our team can offer remote assistance at any time to talk you or a licensed electrician through the process of trouble shooting equipment and circuits.

Please contact or call 800.200.2372 to initiate service work at your site.