Free Site Assessment

Energy Design offers free remote and onsite assessment of your electrical and solar possibilities.

When approaching a site, we look for these factors during our site assessment:

  • What are your current energy needs?
  • Where can we help you save money through energy efficiency?
  • Is your home/outbuilding up to code?
  • Is your electrical system built to code?
  • Do you have roof-space with southern exposure and minimal shading impacts?
  • Is the roofing material and truss system designed to accommodate the additional weight of the array?
  • If not, do you have available land for a ground mounted array?
  • Do you wish to build additional outbuildings where solar could be utilized as the roof of the structure (BIPV)?
  • What tax credits and utility incentives are available to you for an installation?
  • Can you take advantage of these benefits?
  • What will the initial cost of the project be?
  • How long would it take for the project to pay off?

Please call us at 541.485.8122 to schedule a site assessment.