Solar Thermal Systems use the energy of the sun to heat water using a solar thermal collector. Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems can economically replace electricity for hot water heating and are also competitive with gas heating. Solar DHW requires an electric or gas booster in our climate during the winter season when solar heating of water may not be complete.

Energy Design offers design and installation ofsolar-hot-water-flat-roof Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems and Solar Pool Heating systems.

Benefits of Solar Thermal

  • Environmental and Health Benefits: The Los Angeles Air Quality Management Board has stated, “…next to car pooling, solar water heating is the most cost-effective way to reduce air pollution. Each solar water heater installed saves about as much energy as an economy car uses in a year…”
  • Financial benefits: Solar hot water heaters are the only appliances that pay for themselves; all other appliances (e.g. computers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.) provide a convenience but don’t have an energy payback.

How Does It Work?