Solar pool heating is the most cost effective way to go solar. As a free source of energy, solar pool heating systems are highly efficient, virtually no cost and environmentally-friendly. Swimming pools provide many benefits — relaxation, recreation, exercise and physical therapy. Your pool is an investment: a solar pool heater can not only save you money and extend your swimming season, but it turns your pool into an asset that you can use and enjoy more frequently.

Put It Where You Want It

Solar spiral on tile roof
Photo courtesy of Solar Tech International
Solar Spiral on roof
Photo courtesy of Solar Tech International

No pool is too big and no spa is too small, the SolarTech system can go just about anywhere. This allows the SolarTech system to be installed without the old limits of solar. Our light-weight, freeze resistant, leak-proof solar collectors can be installed on patio covers, flat or tile roofs, even on the ground. And it’s a home improvement that adds to the value of your home.


Pool Heating Schematic

Pool SHW schematic

Water from the pool is diverted through the solar collectors where the water is heated and returned to the pool. Most systems can be plumbed through the existing filtration system; thus, requiring no additional energy to work.