Hot Water From the Sun

The sun sends sixteen times more energy to the earth than we use in a year. It is the primary source of energy for the planet, and is the most efficient way to heat water.

Using the sun’s energy to heat water is one of the most direct ways to take advantage of renewable, pollution-free solar energy — and solar thermal water heating systems have the quickest “payback” time.

Solar hot water systems can be placed on many different types of roofs including shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs with a tilt-up.


Domestic Solar Hot Water System graphic courtesy of Heliodyne
Domestic Solar Hot Water System graphic courtesy of Heliodyne

Closed Loop “Glycol” Solar Hot Water System
Simple and effective, this system circulates non-toxic propylene glycol anti-freeze solution through the solar collector. The heat generated in the collector is transferred to the to the water tank through an internal heat exchanger integrated within the

storage tank. In addition to the heat exchanger, the storage tank is equipped with its own electric heating element for back-up heating. For gas water heaters, the system can be used for pre-heating. The ani-freeze provides 100% freeze protection. When properly maintained, systems can last over 30 years. Automatic Differential Thermostatic Controls make the system totally automated, and can be upgraded to include internet-connected data monitoring equipment if desired.