Willakenzie Estate Winery Commercial Ground Mounted Solar Array

Yamhill, OR

135 kW Custom Ground Mounted Solar Array

Solar Winery Installation135,520 Watts of Schüco modules tie back into four PV Powered central inverters. Willakenzie Estates Winery is an award winning vineyard and vintner in Yamhill Oregon. From its inception, Willakenzie has had an eye  towards sustainability. From organics to their use of traditional gravity fed processing for their bottling facility they continue to live up to their high ideals. Solar is the perfect fit for continuing their dedication to  sustainability. It does not hurt that the project also happens to pencil out vary favorably as an investment. In this case you can have your wine, and drink it too! This blend of old world techniques and high-tech  infrastructure is helping to further cement their reputation as a leader in their community.