Sly Farms Ground Mounted PV System

Creswell, OR

61.6kW Custom Ground Mounted Solar Array

Ground Mounted Solar Array Farm61,600 Watt’s of Schüco modules feeding into a PV Powered central inverter. Located on the Southern end of the Willamette Valley near Creswell this has been a working ranch has been in the family since 1908. Owner, Jim  Sly, is now able to power 100% of the farms annual energy needs from his solar array. The idea to invest in solar was no accident. With Jim’s back ground in engineering he realized upon his retirement from construction that  solar was exactly what he needed. This allowed him the maximum financial gain from his retirement package from Hamilton Construction. The tax credits available from doing the solar went hand in hand with diverting the  tax burden that was imposed on him upon his retirement. Instead of paying out that money he was able to reinvest it back into his farm.