Russell Residence-Grid Tied + Battery Backup

Fern Ridge, OR

3.28kW Grid Tied w/Battery Backup

metal roof solar installationThis project had many unique features that prove, where there is a will, there is a way. This ultra efficient home, including hundreds of permaculture design principles, had a great sun window on a metal shed structure  located toward the back of the property. Utilizing our engineer, John Norrena, we were able to have the structure reinforced to accept the weight of the solar modules and racking. The system includes 16 US made Evergreen 205 Watt solar modules, a 7000 Watt 240V Outback GVFX inverter system, FlexMax 80 charge controller, and 4 MK8A8D deep cycle AGM batteries. The system is a net producer over the summers. During blackouts, the  battery bank powers a dedicated loads panel including the well pump, emergency lighting, fridge and freezers.