Oregon Rubber Mills- Ground Mounted PV System

Corvallis, OR

128kW Custom Ground Mounted Solar Array

127,925 Watt solar array with the majority feeding a PV Powered central inverter and a small array section going to an SMA inverter. When you think of sustainability a rubber manufacturing plant probably is not the first
thing that pops into your mind. In fact Oregon Rubber has been looking at how to reduce waste and increase recycling and reuse for years. One example is in their retreading department were they are able to stretch more  mileage out of tires before discontinuing use. That fact is that being green pays. Their solar array is one more investment in their portfolio. Manufacturing takes large quantities of power. Having solar helps lower their demand charge as well as offsetting the power used right off the top. Add in the tax credits from the State and the Fed with a healthy incentive from the utility and solar is a no-brainer. After five years they are looking at  hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. You can view the publicly available test data from the SMA inverter here.