Linn Benton Community College Custom BIPV Design

Albany, OR

This project was first proposed to us by DJ Architecture of Albany. The quest: provide two cutting edge building integrated (BIPV) solar designs to feed power to the remodeled and expanded Madrone Hall science building. Energy  Design created the initial design and assisted with writing the RFP and modeling the data for LEED certification.

The South facing glass of this building was designed to produce power from the sun. There are only a handful of  PV manufactures who provide frame-less glass modules, to be glazed on site into a building’s facade. We chose Suntech or this design, creating two separate arrays, that feed into two SMA sunny Boy inverters. This is the second University we know of in the Northwest to incorporate PV glass into the south facing portion of the building.

This structure is located in the courtyard of the complex. Truly, one of the most elegant BIPV installations in the  United States. For this design we chose Sanyo’s bi-facial, clear backed modules. Later design incorporated Florian  racking.