Life Source Natural Foods-Commercial Rooftop PV System


34.83kW Tilt up Rooftop Solar Array

Alex Beamer, the owner of Life Source Natural Foods, has been fascinated with renewable energy systems for most of his adult life. In his own words, he is a renewable energy junky. In 1977, Alex bought Breitenbush Hot  Springs and over many years transformed it from a dilapidated 1920’s resort, to a thriving conference center. When Alex bought Breitenbush only one of the over 100 buildings were habitable; now it is a healing and  education destination for thousands of people a year. Part of the transformation that occurred during Alex’s time at Breitenbush was the rebuilding of the hydroelectric system to supply electricity and the installation of a  geothermal heat exchanger to warm the buildings from the volcanically heated water under the property.

Alex wanted to install solar on Life Source Natural Foods for many years but was concerned about the cost to the  business and the issues around working with the owner of the building that Life Source leases from. After carefully looking at all of the project costs and determining which tax credits and incentives were available to him,  Alex contacted several contractors to look at the site and propose designs for the project. He liked working with our company because of our attention to details, such as identifying the mechanical equipment and  telephone poles that shade the roof, mapping the shaded areas, and positioning the solar array for maximum sun exposure.

We chose a ballasted solar array support structure for this project because Life Source Natural Foods does not own the building where the store operates. A ballasted system uses far fewer penetrations through the roof and is simply held in place by the weight of concrete blocks. This makes a ballasted system much easier to remove  from the building if Life Source decides to change locations in the future.

You can view current power output here.