Hummingbird Wholesale-Commercial PV + Solar Thermal + BIPV Awning

Location: Downtown Eugene.

Congratulations Hummingbird and Nir Pearlson for winning the AIA People’s Choice Award for the commercial building category & the mayor’s award for excellence in architecture!

Hummingbird Wholesale is a Eugene based wholesale distributor of organic and natural foods. While maintaining a focus on the ‘triple bottom line’, they have become a success story over the last few years here.  Hummingbird recently purchased the old Down-To-Earth warehouse. Energy Design worked closely with the owners, architect Nir Pearlson, various engineers, realtors, contractors, and EWEB to provide an elegant and efficient remodel of the warehouse, to turn it into a multi-use building. The building includes warehouse space, various offices and a commercial kitchens.

Energy Design installed a new electrical service, lighting, energy efficient wiring, and controls. We also installed 3 photovoltaic arrays and PV window awnings.  There is a large tilt up array on the roof. There are two building integrated (BIPV) canopies over the south warehouse doors.  The BIPV arrays utilize our Rainframe racking system. Our president/jobsite manager Vince, supervisor electrician Kim, journeyman electrician Willie, and apprentices Ry and Sam, spent the better part of 9 months working on the electrical portion of this project.

The general contractor was Paddock Masonry.