EPUD-First Generation Commercial PV System

Eugene, OR

15.6kW Rooftop Solar Array

Emerald Peoples Utility District (EPUD) has been a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Lane County community for many years. From their office building which uses nighttime ventilation to run cool  evening air through ducts in the massive concrete ceiling, cooling the building during the following day, to their community energy efficiency outreach program, EPUD has proven their commitment to using energy wisely.  Installing a solar electric system on their office was a logical continuation of their sustainability leadership. The solar electric array that Energy Design built for EPUD sits over the front entrance on the south roof as you walk  into the building, shading part of the roof to provide further comfort in the offices while reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the building. EPUD also has a solar program which gives money to their customers who install renewable energy on their own homes or businesses. You can learn more about EPUD’s solar program here. Check out their current power output here.