Davidson PV System


Happy family solar photoThe Davidson family is an inspiration in their South Eugene neighborhood. They renovated a 1950’s home into a model of urban sustainability. You can’t help but notice their home if you pass by it because almost all of  what normally would be front lawn is replaced by a large thriving vegetable garden. Most of the roof area is invisible under the large solar electric array and solar domestic water heating panels. The Davidson’s had us install their solar electric array over a two year period to make it more affordable. We built the power system, replaced their 1950’s electrical panel with a new one, and installed 12 of the 36 Mitsubishi solar modules in year one. Then, we came back the next year and installed the other 24 solar modules. One of the things that I will forever remember is Chris telling me that he had agonized over spending the money for the second installment of the solar array. One day he was sitting in his house looking out the window and debating whether to spend the money or not when several children came by on bicycles. At that point he remembered that his original motivation to  install the solar array wasn’t purely financial, but was also motivated by his desire to leave a better world for those who come after us on this beautiful planet.