Bren Residence-Grid Tied PV System

Eugene, OR

solar home eugeneWe are always amazed when we are able to work with clients who truly understand the economic, as well as the environmental attributes of going solar.  This 4.5 kW solar array will cover 100% of the annual load at this residence in North Eugene utilizing 20 Schuco solar modules and a PV Powered inverter.  Check out this video created by the owner that details the installation process.

“There are so many good things I have to say about Energy Design.  The customer service is great.  They worked around my schedule, were prompt, and took the time to patiently answer my many, many, many questions before I ever agreed to sign the contract. They offer a great warrantee offered – a good 5 years.  To me, this means that they stand behind their work and want to take care of their customers long-term.  Energy Design also uses 6 inch standoffs as the standard (the distance between the roof and the panel).  Six inches is better than the 3 inches used by other companies because with 6 inches, I’m not going to get debris stuck under the panels.  Also, Energy Design’s layout of the panels on my roof was well-done (better than the other bid I got which would have put some panels in the shade).  When it came time to do the install, the work was done in a week, even with some rainy weather.  I’ve only had the system for a couple of months now, but I have told all my friends about Energy Design and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.”

– Sharon Bren