Bankoff Residential BIPV Solar Awning

Eugene, OR

2.85kW BIPV Solar Greenhouse Grid Tied

solar awning greenhouse eugene oregonEnergy Design, with the help our go-to steel design/fabricator Jonathan Chandler, designed this building integrated photovoltaic greenhouse in 2008. The roof of the structure includes 15 Sanyo 190 Watt DA-3 bifacial solar  modules and an SMA 3000 inverter. This unique module design combines amorphous and polysilicone photovoltaics. With a clear backing, light is allowed to pass through the module, hitting the ground and bouncing back up to create power off the backside of the module. They can be up to 30% more effective at power production. Truly the Ferrari of photovoltaics. Located on a rental home, this BIPV project was eligible for an Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit. Check out Mel Bankoff’s non profit, Partners for Sustainable Schools.