Arcimoto & Let it Grow Farm-Grid Tied PV System

Crow, OR

14.4kW Rooftop Solar Array

Kramer/Frohmayer solar installThis photovoltaic system incorporates 72 Sanyo 200 watt solar modules and 2 SMA Sunny Boy 7000 Watt inverters.  The system is located in Lane Electric territory, and is net metered by the utility.

This project was originally proposed by the electric vehicle manufacturer Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto. Finding the warehouse building roof at Arcimoto unsuitable for solar, we decided to install the system on a new building at Let It Grow Farm.

The system host gets the benefit of clean solar power for the farm, and buys each kWh produced from the system owner. The system owner takes advantage of state and federal tax credits and depreciation while selling power to the host. You can learn more about Arcimoto here. Let It Grow Farm here.