Energy Storage Systems

Energy Design provides complete design, installation and maintenance of hybrid battery backup systems as well as off grid and micro grid solutions.

We are currently offering solar+generator+storage systems that allow for resilient long term islanding.

These systems are scalable from 5kW to 15kW (AC) with a single hybrid inverter/charger, and can be expanded to include multiple inverters, and up to 40kWh of storage for residential application.

Our current go-to list of partners include:

For qualifying households, the Oregon Dept. of Energy offers a $2500 rebate for batteries systems with 10kWh of storage, either on grid or off, when purchased with a new solar array.

These systems are also eligible for the 30% federal investment tax credit.

We offer 208V and 480V solutions for commercial application as well.

Email to begin your design inquiry or call 800.200.2372.

If you have an existing grid tied solar electric system and are interested in adding storage capability to your site, AC coupling with Sol-Ark may be a good solution.