Utilities Getting Behind Solar

Community solar projects are starting to take hold. Energy Design partnered with Lane Electric to install Oregon’s  first community solar project at the end of December 2015. Then in mid-January 2016, Central Electric Cooperative in Redmond, Oregon installed the second, … read more

Google’s Project Sunroof

Last August, Google launched a new tool that helps people in San Francisco, Fresno and Boston find out the payback times for a solar electric system, using calculations of rebates typically offered in the area. Called Project Sunroof, the program … read more

100 Million Homes May Run Only on Solar by 2020

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, almost 100 million homes will run entirely on solar power by the year 2020. The international market for solar products of all types has grown to $700 million from almost nothing a decade ago. … read more

Solar Energy is poised for an unforgettable year

According to the Washington Post’s Chris Mooney on March 2, 2016, this will be the year that large-scale, and possibly residential solar, tops all other sources of new energy installations, including natural gas and wind. The Energy Information Admainistration (EIA) … read more