New Low Income Solar Program Goes Live in Oregon

Qualifying low and moderate income residential clients now have a new tool to assist them achieve their solar goals in Pacific Power and PGE territory. This new program is offered through the Energy Trust of Oregon, and select contracting partners like Energy Design.

‘In an effort to expand opportunities in renewables for lower- and moderate-income households and as part of Energy Trust’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals, Energy Trust has implemented a program for moderate-income homeowners to gain better access to rooftop solar, called Solar Within Reach (SWR). The intent is to provide higher incentives to income-qualified customers pursuing rooftop solar. This offering can be ideal for customers who own homes in good condition, but for whom an investment in solar is financially just out of reach. This incentive offering was developed with the expert input from more than a dozen community-based organizations, local governments, and others.’-Energy Trust of Oregon Program Guide for Solar Electric Allies

Call Energy Design today to see if you qualify for this and/or other solar incentives available.SolarWithinReach_FS_1910