Learn More About Energy Efficiency

The best way to approach making your home or business more energy efficient is by
educating yourself on the following:

  • When was your structure built?
  • What are the building materials utilized in your building?
  • When were the appliances installed?
  • When were the appliances last serviced?
  • What are the low or no cost changes that could be implemented to save energy?
  • What energy efficiency measures can be utilized?
  • What are the new technologies that could be utilized to replace aging appliances?
  • Are there utility incentives and/or state/federal tax credits available to help with financing these measures?
  • Can you take advantage of low interest or no interest loan opportunities for projects with a longer payback period?

Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency has lead federal and state agencies to spend billions on developing educational tools. Here is a list of sites that will assist you in understanding the built environment and how to save money: